Wood Chips - White Birch Paper

Quality Policy

Dedicated to customer satisfaction

White Birch Paper’s mission is to supply paper and paperboard products that meet our customers’ requirements while maintaining a sustainable and profitable operation. Our focus on quality goes beyond our products: it extends to customer service, our sales effort, our delivery process and the quality of our facilities. In order to accomplish our quality standards, all of our operations are committed to the following guidelines:

  • Use optimal technologies and equipment to manufacture products that meet our customers need.
  • Understand our customers’ needs at all times, allowing them to improve their operation.
  • Define and measure quality performance indicators and targets. Perform periodic reviews and necessary upgrades to ensure that we meet or exceed our customers` expectations.
  • Apply the ISO 9001 quality management system to prevent nonconformity to customers’ specifications and promote continuous improvements of our products and processes.
  • Use all resources in an optimal fashion and train employees to achieve these objectives.

Quality management systems and beyond

To maintain our high standards for quality, White Birch Paper follows the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 9001 quality management system. This is a long-standing company policy: Our F.F. Soucy mill was the first newsprint mill in North America to obtain ISO Standard certification for quality.

While this is only the basis for our quality control efforts, our mill teams work together to continually evaluate and improve systems and technologies to provide our clients with the right product, manufactured in the right environment. From the time an order is placed to the day it’s shipped, our employees work together to produce a quality, finished product.