Papier Masson - White Birch Paper Mill

Papier Masson

Gatineau, Québec, Canada

Papier Masson mill is looking to the future with the support of a dynamic and motivated workforce, and continued improvements to equipment and processes to maintain its position as a pioneer in the pulp and paper industry.

Supplying High Quality Newsprint throughout the World

Located in the Masson-Angers section of Gatineau, Québec, Papier Masson became part of the White Birch Paper family in 2006. The mill produces approximately 240,000 metric tons of high-quality newsprint annually on its 8.4-meter-wide paper machine with pulp. This is the largest single-line thermomechanical pulping process in the world.

Keeping Pace with Technology

Papier Masson mill opened in 1930 but has undergone many changes over the years to keep pace with technology. In 1985 the mill’s two Dominion Fourdrinier paper machines were replaced by an 8.5-meter-wide paper machine that improved capacity and quality. In 2000 the construction of a thermomechanical pulp plant was finalized, as part of a process that made Papier Masson the first single pulping line, one-paper machine mill in the world while simultaneously reducing air and water pollution.

A Clean, Efficient & Modern Paper Mill

More recently, in 2014 the mill recorded its best year in terms of production, energy-saving, and health and safety. And in 2015, new robots were installed to automate and improve roll package quality. As a result of these improvements and a dedication to customer service, Papier Masson is a clean, efficient and modern facility.

Papier Masson mill Location

The mill’s 130-acre site is located in a peaceful and scenic area near the confluence of the Le Lièvre River and the Ottawa River. Gatineau borders the city of Ottawa, Canada’s political and technological center, and is a two-hour drive from Montréal. Nearby highways and ferry services keep Papier Masson employees connected to the surrounding area.

A History of Dedication & Loyalty

As might be expected of a mill that is more than 85 years old, Papier Masson has performed an important role in its largely suburban community, with some of the mill’s employees representing the second or third generation in their family to work at the mill. Papier Masson employees are characterized by dedication and loyalty, as well as a wide range of ages and backgrounds. As of 2015, Papier Masson’s employees had worked at the mill an average 20 years.

Papier Masson Mill employees also work together to support several organizations, including Centraide Outaouais (the local United Way of Canada, which provides financial resources to address community-level challenges), Fondation Santé de Papineau for regional healthcare support, and the Flames de Gatineau junior hockey league.