Working at White Birch Paper

Working at White Birch Paper

We are a family-owned and operated company and it is this aspect that distinguishes us. Although we operate four of the top 10 newsprint machines in the world, machines don’t make paper—people make paper. At the heart of every roll of paper we produce is the dedication of our employees. This is why we are committed to the development and safety of our employees through extensive training and safety programs as well as the sustainability of our operations. It is the achievement and success of our employees that make us who we are.

Strive. Excel. Advance.

At White Birch Paper, we know from experience that our company’s growth and success are direct results of our employees’ efforts. As technology and shifting demand for paper products have changed the industry, our employees have kept the company efficient, nimble and innovative, helping us to compete today and to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

As part of these company-wide efforts, we strive to be a market leader in every way, including safety, quality efficiency and sustainability. We excel by focusing on optimization, quality, strong investments and flexibility. And we advance by actively seeking new opportunities and quickly adapting to the dynamic conditions of our industry. All of this is made possible as result of the deep commitment and development of our employees.

Advantages of working at White Birch Paper

White Birch Paper provides its more than 1,000 employees with a wide range of industry-leading benefits, ranging from the traditional (competitive salaries, medical coverage, time off, career longevity and growth potential) to less quantifiable advantages. These equally important benefits include professional challenges and fulfillment, a safe and collaborative work experience, supportive and responsive management, and the high quality of life in Québec and Virginia, where our four mills are located.

Safety, training and growth

White Birch Paper considers employee development as critical to the success of its mission. Our facilities are equipped and arranged to provide a healthy and safe workplace environment for all employees while promoting operational continuity. We also offer a range of safety and job training, both on the job and off. These opportunities include emergency response team training, apprentice programs, student internships, and access to internal training centers for programs other than safety and specific job training.

A culture of dedication and loyalty

The paper industry is challenging, demanding and competitive, but White Birch Paper has come through recent industry consolidation as a lean, efficient and technology-focused business, with clear lines of communication and accountability. As a company, our values include teamwork, honesty and dedication. We reward successes and provide ample opportunities for personal career growth. It’s why so many of our employees have spent most or all of their professional careers with the company.


A Variety of Job Opportunities

White Birch Paper offers a wide variety of job possibilities requiring various skills, including operators, tradespeople, engineers, environmental scientists, technologists, accountants, human resources experts and other professionals. We anticipate hiring to fill a wide range of these positions, including:


  • Purchasing superintendent
  • Purchaser
  • Material reception clerk
  • Administrative support
  • Schedule clerk
  • Pay clerk
  • International shipments clerk

Production and maintenance management

  • Planning superintendent
  • Mechanical superintendent
  • Electrical superintendent
  • Production supervisor
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Industrial engineer
  • Reliability engineer

Human resources/health and safety management

  • Personnel clerk
  • Health and safety coordinator
  • Training coordinator
  • Technical services
  • Pulp and paper tester
  • Lab technician
  • Wood evaluation technician
  • Information technology
  • Programmer
  • System analyst
  • IT supervisor

Logistics and transportation

  • Transportation clerk
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Production scheduler
  • Customer service
  • Customer service agent


  • Papermaker
  • Boiler operator
  • Pulp mill operator
  • Finishing operator
  • Shipping operator
  • Yard operator


  • Millwright
  • Electrician
  • Instrumentation specialist