Cutters - White Birch Paper


Our high-quality newsprint ensures that our customers can deliver the news on time, with a professional look and feel. Runnability, printability and great opacity are the key elements of this classic product, which is used for newspapers, advertising materials and flyers. Offered in a variety of basis weights and brightness levels, newsprint is available from all four White Birch Paper mills and is distributed worldwide.

White Birch Paper also offers specialty colored newsprint, which is available in pink, salmon, green, canary and many other colors. Colored newsprint is produced in 45.0, 48.8, and 52.0 gsm basis weights.

 Variety of Newsprint Grades Offered

Weight (ream, 24 x 36 x 500) Basis Weight (gsm) Brightness* Shade
24.6 40.0 55 to 62 Regular
25.8 42.0 55 to 62 Regular
26.1 42.5 55 to 62 Regular
26.4 43.0 55 to 62 Regular
27.7 45.0 55 to 62 Regular
30.0 48.8 55 to 62 Regular
32.0 52.0 55 to 62 Regular

*Higher brightness options (up to 84) are also available

Key End Uses:

daily newspapers, advertising materials and flyers